Monday, November 15, 2010

How about those SEC East Champs!!!

Hello friends and Carolina fans!!! I just want to brag for a second and make it known that I was in the swamp to take part in history this past Saturday! A group of us went down to Gainesville, Florida for the weekend for the South Carolina verses Florida game that determined the SEC East Champs! We had a great weekend, a wonderful time. We tailgated all day Saturday, played some corn hole and football and ate some good food and then we walked on into the swamp! It started out with a Florida touch down with the opening kickoff but from there it was downhill for the gators and uphill for my South Carolina Gamecocks! It was so great and we had a blast! We wouldn't leave the stadium, we stayed there celebrating long after the gator fans were gone celebrating with our SEC EAST CHAMPS!!! There wasn't many gator fans left, only a few, most left before the fourth quarter even started. So to all of you out there who knock on Carolina when the stands begin to empty, it happens everywhere, including national champs and not so national champs like clemson... anyways, after we celebrated in the stadium we began to exit the stadium with a whirl of Gamecock fans just straight up taking over the swamp and taking over the town. It was SOOO GREAT!!! :) We went back to our tailgating spot, celebrated some more with more great friends, and, caught the end of the clemson/Florida State game with about fifty other Carolina fans. Here we cheered on Florida State with the good ole tomahawk chop! Oh, it was so much fun! Then to top off the night clemson lost! We finished our Saturday with a pizza delivery and went on to bed feeling like champs! The next morning we got up and made the 7.5 hour drive back to the wonderful state of smiling faces and beautiful places! It was the best weekend!

Making History*November 13, 2010*in the Swamp*The Gamecocks become the SEC EAST CHAMPS!!!
In more words, were going to Atlanta!!!!

God smiled down on the Gamecocks tonight!!!!!

Final Score 36-14!!! 
USC Go Cocks!!!!


  1. What an exciting game!! I'm so glad you got to be part of it!

  2. This makes me excited for next fall and tailgating! Gotta love college football!