Thursday, September 23, 2010

chemistry... blah blah blah!

So... as I sit here in Chemistry, again, will not actually again considering I skipped Tuesday but you get the point, I am on the computer blogging, checking the knot, browsing gifts for Caleb, gifts for bridesmaids, looking for cute indie vintage decorations, etc. etc. etc. I HATE this class! Actually most of my notes say that exactly. I am extremely bored and, of course, don't get it! Notecards are about to become my best friend.

Anyway, so, I've looked all over for, cute, classy Gamecock wedding cake toppers. I've finally found some! A lady I found on etsy will be making them for us! She makes them out of clay and with every purchase she receives she donates some of the profits to helping rescue stray cats. She does such a cute job, and, on top of her wonderful talent, she's helping helpless animals without a home. I'm going to attach her website so you guys can check them out! But, no stealing our wedding cake toppers please! ;) And if you were hoping to sneak a peek, too bad, she's making them one-of-a-kind especially for us! :)

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