Thursday, September 16, 2010

Full time student, ABA therapist, and fiance! ;)

My name is Allie! Welcome to my blog! I am a true South Carolinian and true Gamecock fan! I am recently engaged to my best friend, Caleb! He proposed July 3 and we have set a date for June 18, 2011! We have been dating for 4 years as of September 10. We are both full time students, with jobs, very active in our church, and, planning a wedding, and marriage. Caleb is an elementary education major where he has about a year and a half left! We're looking at May, 2012 for his graduation. I will graduate this coming May and we will get married that next month. I am also an elementary education major, finishing up some general education classes this semester and will student teach in the Spring! I am very excited about teaching, it has been a long, hard, time coming, but will be very rewarding. This semester, I am taking Biology with lab, Chemistry with lab, and Geology with lab. And, oh yeah, Spanish 2. (I've never taken Spanish ever before this semester!) ;) needless to say, a very tough semester for me. I should have completed these classes all before beginning my clinicals but I guess, I somehow thought they would just go away and I wouldn't have to take any science! But boy was I wrong. It's been hard, but, with our June wedding ahead, I will pass these classes, I will student teach in the Spring, and, I will marry Caleb Aaron in June! :) On top of going to school, I work as an ABA line therapist where I do one-on-one therapy with children diagnosed with autism. I love my job, the coolest yet! It's somewhat of a stress relief during these impossible semesters of college. Caleb and I are both very involved in our church. Our church is a blessing to us individually and as a couple and we love how our mission field has taken off there! Serving the Lord together is our favorite thing to do together! The Lord is our stronghold, and through Him, we have everything. He put the two of us together and has huge plans for us! His plan and His purpose! We are very excited to see them revealed.

This is just the first blog, of hopefully, many more to come! You can call this a get to know me kind! The ones to come will be about our crazy, hectic lives, while planning our wedding! Caleb has already called me a fiancezilla! I wasn't being mean, I promise! But, there is a lot that goes into a wedding, and no matter how much I'd had planned since I was a girl, it still can be a little overwhelming! But oh so fun! I hope I don't bore you, and, if I do, just don't read! This is just something for me to share with all! :)

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