Sunday, September 19, 2010

The love bubble...

So... I'm sitting here watching Killers for the fourth time! Great movie, one of my new favorites. My momma and daddy haven't seen it yet so I thought I would spend some qt time with them and watch Killers. If you haven't seen Killers you definitely should! I saw it twice in theaters and then Caleb bought it for me when it came out on DVD so I like to watch all the time now. Killers is about a married couple that meets in France where the husband is a spy. He gets out of the job to be with his new best friend, they get married and settle down looking for the all American life. Things are going well until his old boss reaches out to him and a bounty is put out on him, husband and wife go on a big adventure where they are simply trying so stay alive. The adventure test their marriage and trust for each other. I get a little frustrated with the wife at one point when she loses trust in her husband and leaves him, she comes back super fast and everything is peachy! And then the movie continues and you'll have to see it to find out what happens! ;) So, the point of this little rampage is a catchy phrase they use a lot in this movie. Him and her both talk about being in the love bubble! I love those two little words, love bubble. I'm pretty sure Caleb and I stay in the love bubble always, I hope the bubble never pops! You hear of it so often and see it so much. Couples get so caught up in their busy lives they just become two people living together. Or, the husband gets so use to the wife doing everything that needs to be done in the house and never says thank you or shows appreciation. And, then, for the husbands, they work super duper hard all week and never earn appreciation. You know, we've all heard it or seen it somewhere. There are plenty of movies and t.v. shows that illustrate this. I think it's kind of pathetic it happens so often and it is one thing I don't have to worry about with mine and Caleb's soon to be marriage. Caleb and I share something very special, the most important thing in our relationship, the Lord. He will always remain at the "top of the triangle" and will always be our best friends individually. Where He is, peace is, and His plan is revealed. I trust that our love bubble will always surround us as a couple as long as we have the Lord number 1 in our relationship! This may be kind of corny but it just came to me as I'm sitting here watching Killers with momma and daddy. Sorry to bore you if so! Check back this week for more post! ;)

"I was in the love bubble in France!" Just Jen (Katherine Heigl)


  1. I've never seen it! I can't wait to, now :)

  2. Got the movie from Netflix... now to watch. New blog...will follow!!