Saturday, September 25, 2010

What a week!

Wow! This week has been a lot. That's the best way I know to say it. A lot of deaths and losses, just craziness all around. My prayers and thoughts to all the families.

Through all the hecticness and mess, our God still reigns and He will forevermore. I am so blessed to know Him, I think sometimes, well, a lot actually, about the people who don't and then the people who have never even heard His name. It's heartbreaking and aching and makes me feel sick to my stomach and reality is, it's their blood on our hands and that's a lot to deal with. But through everything, the Lord still offers peace, grace, His freedom, and wow oh wow His forgiveness. These four words have been in the back of my head all week. I have relied on these four words and Him acting through them all week. What an awesome God we serve, and how incredible is it to say, always, always, always, no matter what, no restictions, OUR GOD IS A GOD WHO SAVES!

This week has also been very exciting and we've had a lot of great times with friends and family.

Wednesday was See You at the Pole and Caleb and I met some of our youth at BSHS, it's always incredible and very encouraging to see the youth of our nation gathered around their school's flagpole praying for our nation, their classmates, and their teachers. We had an awesome See You after the Pole rally later that night with Billy Wayne and the gang and the life poll grew! Kids came to know our Lord and Savior as the personal Christ!
Thursday, all of our favorite shows started back up and might I say they were hilarious. We enjoyed a very fun night with some special friends.
Friday, I went to dinner with a really special group of girls. We had such a great time and really shared "girl time." They are very precious to me and I am very blessed to be able to work with them. Following dinner I went to a bonfire where I met Caleb and some more friends we just sat around telling old stories and funny times and shared some great laughs with each other.
Saturday, myself and four other great girls went to get our bridesmaid dresses for a very special someone's wedding. We had such a great time and it's so fun getting to share these special moments with some of your greates friends. After leaving David's Bridal I met Caleb and our friends for a football game party where we watched Carolina, yes loose, but play well and truly honor Kenny.
Tomorrow weve have the honor and priveledge of going to church to worship our King and lift His name. We get the awesome opportunity to teach the youth and then join hundreds of others to praise our one true God. Following church, Caleb and I are picking up my Tyroney and taking him to dinner and out for the afternoon! We love him dearly and are very excited to see him tomorrow. Tomorrow night we have small group, another great time to join with fellow believers and brag on our God. And then, Dexter starts back up tomorrow! woop woop! such an awesome week, awful, tragic stuff happens but our God has His divine plan and will REIGN FOREVERMORE!

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